Façades of The Hague #73


The façade of Museum Beelden aan Zee (Sculptures by the Sea museum)  is one of the most remarkable in The Hague for such a significant building, in that it hardly exists.

Built in a dune and under a 19th century neo-classicist pavilion it only has a modernist but unassuming entrance (in Harteveltstraat) and a concrete perimeter.

It was built in 1992-94 and designed by Wim Quist (1930) for the Scholten sculpture collection.

Its real architectural value is very much in the inside and it is one the best museum buildings for sculpture imaginable.

Also for its interesting exhibitions it deserves far more prestige than it presently has.


Nevertheless its outside is also interesting in that it doesn’t want to be obtrusive.

It has about the same colour as the sand and it also looks like a kind of protection of the small dune area with the old pavilion on top.

In the southwest corner of the museum area sits a sculpture by Igor Mitoraj (1944-2014)

Seen from the beach the museum is hardly visible.

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All pictures were taken in March 2017

Bertus Pieters


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Lawrence Lek, Nøtel; Stroom, The Hague

I visited Lawrence Lek’s (1982) new multimedia installation Nøtel at Stroom to write a review for Villa La Repubblica. Click here to read the review (in Dutch).

As I have written quite extensively about the presentation in VLR, I leave you here with some impressions of the show.

Of course it is best to see and experience the real thing at Stroom, but make sure you plan enough time for your visit as this is not a show to hurry through.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Lawrence Lek and Stroom Den Haag

Bertus Pieters

Kunrad; Heden, The Hague

The works by Kunrad, now presented at Heden, are not easily shown in pictures, as they should be heard and felt as well.

All exhibited works are made of paper, and, except for one work, make noise, very soft to louder.

There is one with two sheets of white paper – i think the most subtle one – that works in a very easy but refined way with daylight, attraction and body movement.

However it is after all better to experience it all by yourself, which i highly recommend!

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Kunrad and Heden, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters

Saskia Tannemaat, I wish my name was Louise; Twelve twelve gallery, The Hague

The present show of work by Saskia Tannemaat  at Twelve twelve gallery gives a good idea of her expressive way of working.

Her paintings/drawings are often inspired by the margins and the marginalised of society.

Rather than an idea of sentimentality they show a sense of both vulnerability and strength.

The characters become as strong as the works themselves, also because Tannemaat knows how to improvise and how to use different materials.

She knows where to be sober and where to be flamboyant, where to use only black and white and where to be as colourful as possible.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Saskia Tannemaat and Twelve twelve gallery, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters

Façades of The Hague #72


House with apartments and a pub, Nieuwe Schoolstraat.


Built late 19th century it served for a long time as a workshop.



It has been revised several times as you can tell from the brickwork in the walls.


0837 Nieuwe Schoolstraat

The pub it contains today, Café De La Gare, happens to be one of my favourite haunts.

0838 Nieuwe Schoolstraat

In spite of the pub’s name there is no station of any kind in the vicinity, although there are many old coach houses nearby in Kazernestraat.

0839 Nieuwe Schoolstraat

0840 Nieuwe Schoolstraat

Nieuwe Schoolstraat (New School Street) itself was built around 1860 along a big army barracks.

0841 Nieuwe Schoolstraat

0842 Nieuwe Schoolstraat

A school was built there as well (hence the name of the street), which has been demolished later.

0843 Nieuwe Schoolstraat


Most pictures here were taken in March last year when the square in front of the pub was refurbished.


The last picture was taken recently to show the present situation.

0843c Nieuwe Schoolstraat

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Pictures were taken in March 2017 except for the last one, which was taken in September 2018.

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Bertus Pieters