Art in corona times 92. John Nixon; Superweakness, The Hague

Geometric abstraction, minimalism and the whole movement towards a kind of art that doesn’t need representation since that niche has been occupied by photography, first became mainstream after WWII, and has now become middle of the road.

Later post-modernism caused a sharp representational backlash, and, in a way that is still working.

However, representational and non-representational art seem to live together quite peacefully in these days of verbal aggression.

Abstract art is sometimes accused of not being substantive or worse, of not being ‘layered’, since that seems the only thing that counts for present-day ‘intellectual’ art viewers.

Indeed, abstract art can be very decorative in the bad sense of the word, but work like John Nixon‘s (1949-2020) will show you that  there is an immense world to be seen and experienced in abstraction – geometric or otherwise.

In Nixon’s case it is a world of sensitivity to colour and material, to sophistication and simplicity, and not least to playfulness and humour.

In a commemorative exhibition at Superweakness, long time admirers Machiel van Soest and Jan van der Ploeg (who also administers Nixon’s Dutch estate) felt they should also show something of Nixon’s open, social and inspiring personality.

It has become a particularly sparkling show, lovingly put together, with works from different periods, which, i must say, i personally enjoyed very much.

More details at Superweakness‘s website.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to the owners of the works, the estate of John Nixon and Superweakness, Den Haag


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