Grayson Perry, Winner of the Erasmus Prize 2021; Kunstmuseum, The Hague

On the occasion of the Erasmus Prize award to Grayson Perry (1960), The Hague Kunstmuseum has made a small presentation of his work.

Perry was awarded the Erasmus Prize 2021 amongst others because of his “ability to unite a divided public, showing us that art can be a platform for an open and inclusive debate.”

Indeed Perry goes to great lengths to be liked and to shock, to entertain and to criticize.

He does so using very different materials and genres, as you can see here; his messages are never authoritarian, let alone authoritative.

Although he does use texts, his visual language is very direct but without simplification.

The show itself presents some interesting examples of what Perry is known for, like ceramics, cloths, tapestries etc.

The exhibition being modest, the nature of the work is such that there is visually quite a bit on offer.

Personally i enjoyed it, and it is worth seeing when you happen to be in the museum.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Grayson Perry, the owners of the works and Kunstmuseum, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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