Art in corona times; SinArts Gallery, The Hague

In the corridor works by Ma Hui

As the corona crisis is dragging on it is time to see how galleries here in town are doing under the circumstances.

Yesterday i visited SinArts Gallery.

Some time ago i wrote an article for Villa La Repubblica about a work by Chen Hangfeng, one of the gallery’s artists.

I was able to do so because the gallerist sends twice a week a newsletter in which he discusses  a work of art.

The gallery’s website also has a link where you can indicate a time slot in which you want to visit the gallery, which i did.

So it became a long-time-no-see visit. In the mean time the space of the gallery has shrunk considerably.

Zhu Hong

It is not an anti-corona measure, but under the circumstances it is working pretty well, according to the gallerist.

In the middle a work by Zhu Hong

Every visitor receives a maximum attention and he/she can indicate which work or works he/she wants to see.

Ma Hui

At the moment of my visit there were some works on the gallery’s walls by Zhu Hong.

Ma Hui

Not having seen each other for quite some weeks, we talked a lot, especially about the present situation, of course, but i’m quite sure we’ll talk more about art next time.

Zhu Hong

Click here to read the article about Chen Hanfeng’s work in Villa La Repubblica (in Dutch)

© Villa Next Door 2020

Contents of all photographs courtesy to the artists and SinArts Gallery, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters



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