Thijs Jaeger & Bobbi Oskam, Gris-Gris; HOK Gallery, The Hague

“I’m the last of the best”

– Dr. John, Gris-Gris Gumbo Ya Ya, 1968

Thijs Jaeger

Probably they are neither the last nor the best ones, but every artist should do the best to his/her own standards, and create as if he/she is the last.

Bobbi Oskam

Thijs Jaeger (1990) and Bobbi Oskam (1990) seem to be unlikely partners in a duo-show, but Hok Gallery clearly didn’t mind and they are both their own lasts and bests.

Thijs Jaeger

You could consider works by both artists as manifestations of the inner self, but of course that is much too sweeping a statement to define a common denominator of their imaginative worlds.

Bobbi Oskam

You might say Jaeger uses his incantations to exorcise Oskam’s nasty dreams.

Thijs Jaeger

You might also say Oskam’s drawings are there to bring Jaeger’s objects back to the real world.

Bobbi Oskam

Whatever you want to do or figure out, fate will always knock on your door, undeterred and undeceived by amulets and fetishes.

Thijs Jaeger

Your dreams will haunt you, as reality will also haunt you anyway, and in the end you’d better experience them for what they are and see their aesthetics.

Bobbi Oskam

Well, of course, both artists’ present Gris-Gris show is not all that heavy-hearted.

Thijs Jaeger

Hok Gallery always guarantees a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach, such that its visitors will never be seriously pounced on by any demons.

Bobbi Oskam

So, feel safe to see it all, today, tomorrow or on Saturday (3-4-5 March).

Bobbi Oskam, Thijs Jaeger

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Bobbi Oskam, Thijs Jaeger and HOK Gallery, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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