Pim Piët & others, connection collection; Bos Fine Art, The Hague

bottom: Pim Piët, 1983; middle left to right: 2011, 1993, Kim Lim, 1993; top: Pim Piët, 2021

Pim Piët (1954) is an artist who is fully aware of the fact that he lives in a world with other artists, amongst others.

Pim Piët, 2007

They too shape his artistic framework and he gives in to that with sincere attention.

Pim Piët, 2021

Moreover, he has been a keen art collector during his artistic career.

left to right: Pim Piët, 2020, 2008, 2006, Wieteke Heldens, 2016

Presently at Bos Fine Art he shows a modest retrospective of his own works in combination with examples from his collection of works by others.

Pim Piët, 2012

It gives a very lively idea of his own artistic development, ranging from 1977 to 2022, combined with works by famous names like Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015) or Lawrence Weiner (1942-2021), and young artists like Wieteke Heldens (1982) and Fabiola van den Berg (1995).

Jan Schoonhoven, 1987

In these works by others there is, of course, a great deal of abstraction, but also of conceptualism, and Piët shares an ironic sense of humour with some of them.

left: Fabiola van den Berg, 2021; right: Pim Piët, 2015

The oldest work by Piët in the exhibition is a work from 1977 which hangs as a kind of tribute next to a painting by Tomas Rajlich (1940), his teacher in the 1970s, who had a decisive influence on his ideas about art making.

left: Tomas Rajlich, 1974; right: Pim Piët, 1977

Since then a lot has happened, and a lot is still happening as his recent works show.

Pim Piët, 1998

There are influences of music and sound, and of non-western cultures, especially the Japanese.

Melissa Cruz García, 2014

The exhibition goes with a fine small but comprehensive catalogue showing most of the exhibited works, but if you want to see the real thing you have to be quick. The works are still on show over the weekend.

left: Marten Hendriks, 1982; right: Pim Piët, 2022

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Pim Piët, all other artists and Bos Fine Art, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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