Art in corona times 74. Ioana Ciora & Kevin Schuit, Badtime; Baracca, The Hague

Baracca has turned to a less moveable place, a garage at Isabellaland at the northern edge of town.

Last weekend (June 5-6) there were drawings on show, communally made by Ioana Ciora and Kevin Schuit.

The drawings show a Felix the Cat-like main character, who is twisting in all directions to survive a non-co-operative world, but who is smiling against all odds. The works were made on the basis of sketches on torn-off scraps of paper.

We discussed the plight of young artists, who have to be as elastic as Felix the Cat these days, being kept busy and put in a rat race by society, while there are so many more important things to be done. Badtime is part of a series of short running shows in the garage at Isabellaland 824, in between two blocks of flats.

As information online about Baracca  is very historic – to put it mildly – it might be wise to contact Baracca’s Ibrahim Ineke (ibr.ineke at and ask him to keep you posted about new events.

After all, it is in these small initiatives that the real underground is still trying to deglamourise society.

Ioana Ciora and Baracca’s Ibrahim Ineke in front of the Baracca garage.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Ioana Ciora, Kevin Schuit and Baracca, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


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