Sydney Rahimtoola, I Forgot how to Speak Spanish; LhGWR, The Hague

Sydney Rahimtoola graduated this year from the KABK (Royal Academy) and her graduation work is now presented at LhGWR.

In the film you meet La Babosa (cry baby), a second generation Dominican-American in Queens, New York.

The film is an intriguing collection of aspects of living in modern day America but descending from a Caribbean culture with its strong traditions and mysticism which balances La Babosa’s life on a tight rope of realism, surrealism, stereotyping, deep meaning and colourful kitsch.

Rahimtoola has made an installation of the film presentation, but i doubt if that really works.

The film itself takes so much attention that the rest of the installation seems to be obsolete.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Sydney Rahimtoola and LhGWR, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters