bye bye twelve twelve

Anna Fafaliou

Well, there you are, another fact of life:

Gert Scheerlinck
Seyran Kirmizitoprak

Twelve twelve gallery closes its doors.

Jeroen Blok
Joran van Soest

It was still a young gallery and full of energy.

Katleen Vinck
Marin de Jong

In spite of its small space it always featured very diverse artists, always well presented and with much dedication and devotion to both content and aesthetics and to both artists and viewers.

Rutger van der Tas
Sam Lock

I’m sure i won’t be the only one who’s going to miss that.

Sam Lock
Saskia Tannemaat

However, Twelve twelve’s Silvia Bakker is still young and full of good ideas, so i am sure we can regard the gallery as just a stepping stone to a next level.

Saskia Tannemaat
Tamara Dees

A big thank you to Silvia and to the artists whose work she presented in the gallery!

Tamara Dees
Gert Scheerlinck

Hope to meet you all again soon!

Wycliffe Mundopa

© Villa Next Door 2019

Content of all photographs courtesy to all artists and Twelve twelve gallery, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters

Sam Lock, unremembered; Twelve twelve gallery, The Hague

Technically Sam Lock’s present solo exhibition at Twelve twelve gallery differs quite a lot from last year’s, which featured works on paper.

Now Lock (1973) shows works in different techniques, amongst them paintings and sculptures.

As usual the sculpture tends to dominate the show in that it gives direction to the sight lines.

Especially in this city near the sea Lock’s works seem to remind you of the coast and its natural processes in light and gestures.

Even though their titles mostly don’t refer to the sea, his sculptures may recall the surf along the coastline.

Like his other works they monumentalise the short moment of a gesture and sunlight.

© Villa Next Door 2018

Content of all photographs courtesy to Sam Lock and Twelve twelve gallery, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters