Art in corona times 100. Albrecht Genin, Ocean Stories; Various artists, By the Power of Omission; Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

French postmodern philosopher Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) famously paid attention to the importance of margins around texts and the space in between the words.

However, visual artists have always been aware of what is and is not in between the words and in the margins since medieval times.

Texts are not just words that can be embellished with illustrations; they are visual entities themselves that provoke visual reactions.

To Albrecht Genin (1945-2013) texts – not just in the shape of words, but also of music scores and even cash books – were an important source of inspiration.

As far as a book page or a letter are products of the human mind, Genin was one of those artists who take that a step further, as if one way of imagination calls for another.

Presently Genin’s drawings are on show at Livinstone Gallery in an astonishing abundance.

Every scribbled page has become a new story under Genin’s hands.

Indeed, each of his works is worth a close examination.

They are not just products of imagination, they also invite the viewer to use his/her own imagination.

The stories are not just his, they are yours if you take a close look at them yourself.

Ruri Matsumoto

The gallery also shows a preview of its presentation at Art Rotterdam, which has been postponed to May because of this winter’s Corona lockdown.

Ruri Matsumoto
Raquel Maulwurf
Raquel Maulwurf

There are works by the well known names of the gallery, amongst others Ruri Matsumoto (1981), Raquel Maulwurf (1975), Harry Markusse (1990) and Aaron van Erp (1978).

Harry Markusse
Ruri Matsumoto
Aaron van Erp

Amongst them are some recent surprising paintings by Van Erp he already showed in an exhibition last autumn at the gallery, which show ominous beach scenes that seem to echo the current era.

Aaron van Erp

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to the artists, the estate of Albrecht Genin and Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag


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