Art in corona times 95. Bas Wiegmink & Casper Verborg, Resending Voice; Galerie Helder, The Hague

Bas Wiegmink

Painting is an ongoing tradition, full of wonder, space and colour.

Casper Verborg

As such it is still one of the most basic of artistic disciplines.

Bas Wiegmink

Presently Bas Wiegmink (1977) and Casper Verborg (1981) show their different visions on painting in Galerie Helder.

Casper Verborg

Wiegmink confronts three dimensional modern architecture and perspective with organic life, often creating a dreamlike unearthly atmosphere.

Casper Verborg

Verborg refers to, what one might call “the real world” with “real” persons. In a very big diptych he refers to two fragments by Monet in the Musée d’Orsay.

Casper Verborg

The impressionistic green has been replaced by a glowing red, while the open interpretation of Monet’s painting has been continued.

Casper Verborg

Verborg’s painting barely fits in the gallery.

Bas Wiegmink

The confrontation of the two painters is interesting as they show different interpretations of space; space in perspective, and space in colour.

Bas Wiegmink

Personally i greatly enjoyed the exhibition which brings a sense of wonder and warmth in these chilly times.

Bas Wiegmink

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Bas Wiegmink, Casper Verborg and Galerie Helder, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


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