Façades of The Hague #141

There is a monastery in the centre of The Hague.

While in the Roman Catholic southern cities of the Netherlands this may seem quite common, it is a bit unexpected in the centre of the residence of the government and royal family of a traditionally Protestant nation.

Yet there is one at Oude Molstraat.  

As can be read from the plaque, the monastery was inhabited by nuns, the Sisters of Charity, from the Roman Catholic revival in the 19th century until 1988.

Today the Brothers of Saint John are living, working and praying in the building.

Behind this particular façade the monks are brewing and selling beer.

Beer brewing has been a traditional source of income for monasteries stemming from times when normal water wasn’t always safe to drink, and when a fine pitcher of beer would give the right base for a hearty meal.

© Villa Next Door 2021

All pictures were taken in March 2017.

Bertus Pieters

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