Art in corona times 76. Shigeo Arikawa, Parade of Pumpkins; Galerie Helder, The Hague

Our eyes and brains seem to co-operate as a perfect team.

Our eyes can cover a wide panorama in around and in front of us, and our brains immediately give the interpretation of what we can see in terms of our tasks of survival.

However, as you can see in Shigeo Arikawa’s (1982) present show at Galerie Helder, as soon as some change in your vision occurs, your perception becomes blurred, and you need your personal experiences  and feelings – the tools that are always there even when you think they are not – to re-interpret what you are seeing.

In his most recent works Arikawa gives you a helping hand if you are able to read his lips.

However apart from that, there is in these works also a wonderful lyrical, almost dreamlike aspect, but, well, that is of course my interpretation. Go and have a look yourself to have your own!

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Contents of all photographs courtesy Shigeo Arikawa and Galerie Helder, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


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