Art in corona times 62. Oskar Nilsson & Han Qin, Spirited Away; SinArts Gallery, The Hague

Oskar Nilsson

Swedish artist Oskar Nilsson used to make works drenched in death and the macabre.

Oskar Nilsson

It is as if somebody or something told him to cut it all, as now his works look like sweet dreams.

Oskar Nilsson

It is a matter of from being over the top on the dark side to being over the top on the sunny side.

Oskar Nilsson

What remains is a fairytale-like atmosphere where little white ghosts – apparently in love – sit on cut off tree trunks amid fragrant flowers bending in the wind.

Oskar Nilsson

It is all so sweet that it is almost too eerie in its own right.

Han Qin

At SinArts Gallery – in an exchange with Galerie With Tsjalling in Groningen – Nilsson’s work is coupled with works on paper by Han Qin, a Chinese artist living in France.

Han Qin

At first sight the works of the two artists go well together in their colourfulness.

Han Qin

However, Han Qin’s works appear to be more diverse both in what they look like and in their underlying meanings and emotions.

Han Qin

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to the artists, SinArts Gallery, Den Haag and Galerie With Tsjalling, Groningen

Bertus Pieters


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