Art in corona times 58a. Mila Lanfermeijer, Ana Navas, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, III; Nest, The Hague

Co-operating artists have become a real feature in present day art.

One might think this is a result of the corona pandemic, but in fact the tendency is going on already for quite some time.

The ways of co-operation are quite different, as are the motives.

However, there may be overall motives for co-operation.

First of all there is the basic reason that there is strength in unity.

Strength is needed in times when the art market has become a circus corrupting the real value of art, when artists, as a result,  are taken even less seriously than before, and when their works are seen as commercial, disposable products.

As such there seems to be a sense of safety in numbers, even if the numbers are just 2 or 3.

There may be stylistic reasons too.

In the Post-postmodern era stylistic differences have become less of an issue than before in modern art history, and artists seem to be more willing to see each other’s qualities and learn from them, in spite of differences in background or even age.

In an era of crises (world crises in health, ecology, climate and human intelligence) some artists just don’t see the point in being an autonomous genius, and obviously there is an audience who finds this interesting in one way or another, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many communal artistic initiatives on offer 

Architect Donna van Milligen Bielke has designed a home, even a villa, for three artists to show their work at Nest.

The three artists, Mila Lanfermeijer, Ana Navas and Evelyn Taocheng Wang are close friends and let their works communicate with each other and with the public, in the belief that their works and ideas will strengthen each other.

The idea is not that their individual works are not convincing, but rather that combining their works will advance their own creativity and thinking, and indeed that of the viewer.


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Contents of all photographs courtesy to the artists and Nest, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


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