Art in corona times 35. Werner van der Zwan, Ruben Golstein & Eva Sigurðardóttir, Lost in a one way space; …ism, The Hague

“Who are we?” is one of the most essential questions for young artists, especially if they have decided to co-operate.

Co-operation itself is the best strategy in a multi-disciplined art world with compulsorily multi-tasking young artists.

Werner van der Zwan (1995), Ruben Golstein (1994) and Eva Sigurðardóttir (1993), freshly graduated artists from different art academies, met each other at …ism and decided to co-operate in an art project over there.

The result was on show last weekend and it had become a multi-facetted installation varying from poetic dreams, visual thoughts about the place and neighbourhood, to radical noise.

The front room was full of reminiscences of billiards, while in other places objects started moving and making noise by themselves.

Except for being in one space there didn’t seem to be a common programme, but as long as each artist can add his/her own voice to the whole, which happened here, there is no problem.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to the artists and …ism, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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