Art in corona times 34. Artist Support Fair, Geen bloem zonder wortel (No Flower Without a Root); Quartair, The Hague

Lambert de Jong

What a good event this was, last weekend at Quartair!

Petra van der Schoot
Rik Buter
Caro Rambonnet

It stressed the exceptional position of The Hague in the field of the arts, but it also indicated that that doesn’t happen just like that.

Bertus Gerssen
Marjolijn van der Meij (with a nod to George Stubbs)

Less than thirty years ago The Hague was a provincial backwater.

Ton Schuttelaar
Annemieke Louwerens

Bringing it where it is now, has taken a lot of energy.

Sogo Show
Ingrid Rollema

However, art life in The Hague is still very vulnerable.

Nies Vooijs
Zeger Reyers

Main point is that it should be recognised that the development of a blossoming artistic life in The Hague is up to its artists and its artists’ initiatives and not to the local authorities’ hobbies.

Machiel van Soest
Rens Krikhaar
Geeske Harting

Therefore it is heart warming to see artists trying to take back the initiative.

Mekhila Harrison
Riet Vooijs

Of course this can only be a beginning, and in itself the event was modest in almost everything.

Paul de Jong
Jordan Herregraven
Tejo Philips

175 works of art were put up for sale, each for E300 or less, and so the works on show were small.

Erik-Jan Ligtvoet
Erik-Jan Ligtvoet

However, what it lacked in dimensions, it won in diversity.

Harold de Bree
Gino Anthonisse

This diversity is one of the best assets of art life in The Hague.

Hein van Liempd
Wieteke Heldens

Here i show you thirty of the works i found most interesting and best photographable.

Zahar Bondar
Topp & Dubio

A very personal choice of course, but that’s the risk of reading Villa Next Door.

Jeannette Slütter
Ilona Senghore
Jessica de Wolf

By the way, while writing these words, extra measures were announced by the government to cope with the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, so, the title of the open letter that accompanied the event Don’t forget the artists! has become even more urgent.

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© Villa Next Door 2020

Contents of all photographs courtesy to artists and Quartair, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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