Art in corona times 24. Jip Piet, Vieze gluiperds (Dirty Creeps); HOK Gallery, The Hague

What can you do as an artist and illustrator during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Well, for an artist there is always something to do.

For Jip Piet it was enough reason to take some famous faces under close scrutiny.

Meticulously he did some research into how inner rottenness and creepiness could be made visible in their faces.

We all have our dark and sour sides.

However, we have learnt to strike a balance between the flowering and the rotting in our characters.

We stress the first and hide the latter.

In these digital times any character is a branding of the best, the most wonderful, the terrific, etc.

In social media people present themselves with their faces as the best possible friends one could dream of.

The most famous should be the most trustworthy and the least stinky, but are they?

In HOK Gallery Jip Piet re-introduces you to the famous and gorgeous icons of the post-postmodern world.

He shows you the rotting spots in their faces or even the slightest mean wrinkle around an eye or in the corner of a mouth.

If you want to see it all you have to hurry, as today is the last day of this very short running show.

And be prepared to meet yourself!

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© Villa Next Door 2020. Last picture © HOK Gallery.

Contents of all photographs courtesy to Jip Piet and HOK Gallery, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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