Gaye Black, Dolls and Bones; HOK Gallery, The Hague

Gaye Black (1956) was once the bass player Gaye Advert of punk band The Adverts (1976-1979).

As such she was a female hero of the punk movement, and, in fact, she still is as she makes art.

Her work is characteristically punk in its celebration of the bizarre, the cheeky, of freedom, humour and of life and death.

In quite a few works she uses symmetry as a way of composition, giving her the opportunity to multiply all kinds of weird details.

Generally, the presented works, currently on show at HOK Gallery, don’t seem to have a certain subject or theme.

They all give a glimpse in a punk universe.

However, the gallery has closed because of the covid-19 virus (maybe you can try and peer in through the gallery’s window).

After all, in a small space of some thirteen square yards it is difficult to keep a five feet distance from each other.

But, apart from that, punk goes on!

© Villa Next Door 2020

Contents of all photographs courtesy to Gaye Black and HOK Gallery, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


One thought on “Gaye Black, Dolls and Bones; HOK Gallery, The Hague

  1. Twee ontdekkingen voor mij Gaye Black en HOK Gallery. Gay Black lijkt me een heel goede kunstenaar. En bij de HOK-gallery ben ik nog nooit geweest. Helaas gaat het voorlopig ook niet lukken….


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