Façades of The Hague #102

Public sculpture, Lübeckstraat.

Neither the artist nor the year of creation are known.

Stylistically it was probably made in the 1960s for a school in the neighbourhood, which was replaced in 2014 by the present school.

The sculpture, in spite of its unknown maker, has been given a new, prominent place, giving a playful accent to the contemporary façade of the school.

It is also a reminder of an age when sculpture was used not just to decorate, but also to give (in this case) youngsters and their teachers the idea of living in modern times with promising and imaginative perspectives.

As such it has become a monument maybe much needed in our days despite its anonymity, and it is fortunate that it has been honoured with a new place next to the new school.

Please contact me if you know with certainty who the artist is and when the work was originally placed.

© Villa Next Door 2020

All pictures were taken in March 2017.

Bertus Pieters

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