Closure of Hoorn & Reniers Gallery

Casper Verborg

Hoorn & Reniers gallery has closed its doors.

Kevin A. Rausch

Although the reasons for its closure are understandable, the fact itself is disturbing as it is not the first high quality art gallery in The Hague that ceases to exist. During the last few years Twelve Twelve Gallery, A Gallery Named Sue and Galerie Nouvelles Images also stopped, which is quite a loss for the extremely important diversity of what this city has on offer artistically.

Peter Feiler

Of course i wish all the former gallerists the best and i still hope to see more of the works by the artists they represented but the artistic impoverishment is quite saddening. As for Hoorn & Reniers: it represented quite young artists, especially painters both Dutch and from the German speaking countries, which was an enormous enrichment of the international scope of The Hague.

Peter Feiler

What remains is to be very grateful for what the gentlemen presented in their gallery.

Sebastian Gögel

© Villa Next Door 2019

Contents of all photographs courtesy to the artists and Hoorn & Reniers, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters



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