Peter Feiler, Music was my first love; Hoorn & Reniers, The Hague

Peter Feiler’s (1981) present exhibition at Hoorn & Reniers shows some interesting developments since his last show in The Hague some two years ago.

Some of his works are still outrageously baroque, but it is as if he has concentrated more on the central subjects of his compositions.

Music obviously is an important inspiration for his paintings and drawings, not just for their scenes, but also for their rhythms and movements.

Within the context of the exhibition that is even clear in some disturbingly empty compositions only showing some drugs.

The crazy music and festival scenes in combination with these drugs and other paraphernalia seem to have become metaphoric for life in general.

A mad audience collectively want to experience the very extremes of sublime passion and the music bands have to deliver and need their tablets and injections to do so.

Audience and musicians keep each other under their spell, strengthening the vicious cycle.

Apart from these highly dramatic works, Feiler also presents smaller drawings with more fairytale-like scenes.

Harmless though some may seem, these fairytales also influence our dreams, for better or worse.

All in all one may call this a highly Romantic exhibition, aptly staged in this autumn full of disquiet.

© Villa Next Door 2019

Contents of all photographs courtesy to Peter Feiler and Hoorn & Reniers, Den Haag.

Bertus Pieters


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