Tirzo Martha, The Dematerialisation of the Five Commands in the Five Senses; Public Sculpture Gallery, The Hague

Today a new work was installed in the public sculpture gallery in the city centre, commonly known as the Sokkelproject (“Pedestal Project”).

The work is by Tirzo Martha (1965) (you may remind his wonderful show at Museum Beelden aan Zee last year) and is called De dematerialisatie van de vijf geboden in de vijf zintuigen (“The Dematerialisation of the Five Commands in the Five Senses”)

It promises to be a valuable addition to the whole series.

It is a collage of different objects, that could be seen as a totem amidst the crowd in the city centre.

With its guardian on top it may in a way remind you of Femmy Otten’s And Life Is Over There in the same gallery.

The sculpture will be officially unveiled next Thursday (29 August 2019) in front of Town Hall and the Public Library.

© Villa Next Door 2019

Contents of all photographs courtesy to Tirzo Martha and Stroom, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters


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