Maria Lassnig, Ways of Being; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Körperbewusstsein (Body Consciousness), 1949

I went to see the retrospective exhibition of works by Maria Lassnig (1919-2014) at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam to write a review for Villa La Repubblica. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW (in Dutch).

Zwei Formen übereinander (Two Forms on Each Other), 1952

I leave you here with this non-representative selection of works, as i’ve written already quite extensively about the show in VLR.

Tachismus 4 (Tachism 4), 1958
Napoleon und Brigitte Bardot, 1961
Selbstporträt als Astronautin (Self-portrait as an Astronaut), 1968-69
Stilleben mit Apfelsäge (Still Life with Apple Saw), 1969
The Murder of ML, 1973
Selbstporträt mit Maulkorb (Self-portrait with Muzzle), 1973
Self-portrait with Butterflies, 1975
Die Atommütter (The Atomic Mothers), 1984
Jungfrau mit Stier (Virgin with Bull), ca.1988
Raketenbasis, Missiles I und II (Missile Base, Missiles I and II), 1989
Wangen-, Stirn- und Kinnsensationen (Cheeks, Forehead and Chin Sensations), 1996
Nasenfilter (Nose Filter), 1998
Die Illusion von meiner Tierfamilie (The Illusion of my Animal Family), 1999
Zwei Arten zu sein, Doppelselbstporträt (Two Ways of Being, Double Self-portrait), 2000
Ideenfischer (Idea Anglers), 2001
Die Trauer (The Mourning), 2003
Die unschuldige Blick (The Innocent Gaze), 2008
Vom Tode gezeichnet (Drawn by Death), 2011 (detail)

Bertus Pieters

© Villa Next Door 2019

Contents of all photographs courtesy to all owners of the works, the estate of Maria Lassnig and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam



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