Carel Visser, Genesis; Museum Beelden aan Zee, Den Haag


I visited Museum Beelden aan Zee to write a review for Villa La Repubblica about the present exhibition with works by Carel Visser (1928-2015). Click here to read the review (in Dutch)


It’s a serious  lack of education if you’ve never heard of Carel Visser.

Rainbow, 1980

In that case make sure to take the shortest way to Beelden aan Zee to see this show soon!

Water, 1981

I leave you here with some pictures as i’ve written quite extensively in VLR about the show.

Landscape, 1982
Untitled, 1994
Architectural cactus, 1953
Cactus, 1953
Cactus, 1953
Inchworms, 1954
Insect, 1950
Sculpture with shells, 1982
Boris, 1995
Flying fish, 1993
Flying fish, 1993
Skeleton, 1953
Skeleton, 1953
Mating birds, 1953
Pyramid, 1982
Two birds, 1954-1994
Chocolate box, 1993
Little horse, 1951
Dromedary, 1952-1953
Slaughtered hare, 1952
Mammuth, 1995
Charlie I, 1985
Breakfast plate, 1986
Speedy Six, 1988
Sagging, 1990
Fruit bowl with shoulder blades, 1988
Untitled, 1982
Female swimmer, 2001
Two sisters, 1992
Woman, 1950
Man with glove, 2004
Two sisters, 1999
Untitled, 1971
Double step pyramid, 1948
Auschwitz, 1957
Open cube, 1969
Vol de nuit, 1956
Removal, 1957-1999
Ship with lamp, 2000
Untitled, 1999
Traveling, 1992

© Villa Next Door 2019

Contents of all photographs courtesy to the owners of the works and Museum Beelden aan Zee, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters



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