Aaron van Erp, The Drawings 1998-2018; Livingstone Gallery, The Hague

Livingstone Gallery presently celebrates Aaron van Erp (1978) and especially his drawings.

Some of the drawings are made on brown wrapping paper which gives Van Erp the opportunity to extra accentuate white and some bright colours, a bit like Jheronimus Bosch in the dark scenes of his apocalyptic fantasies.


Aaron van Erp 05a

However Bosch’s monsters have turned into common present day, somewhat balding men, accompanied by the achievements of postmodern leisure society.

Aaron van Erp 06a


Constant struggle, violence and self-inflicted disaster seem to be the only aim of day to day consumer life, presented by Van Erp with a strong sense of humour and without bitterness.

They are the laughing nightmares of painting and drawing history.

Additional to the drawings there are some paintings on show as well in which Van Erp puts his subjects in a sometimes hallucinating light and dark.

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Content of all photographs courtesy to Aaron van Erp and Livingstone Gallery, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters