Evelina Rajca, Speculative Ecologies and Intelligent Energy Harvesting Entities; Stroom, The Hague

In Stroom’s Ondertussen (In the Mean Time) series Evelina Rajca (1984) shows some of her works of her project Speculative Ecologies and Intelligent Energy Harvesting Entities.

I must say i didn’t fully grasp the exhibition’s accompanying text.

As far as i can correlate the text with the works on show she is interested in self regulatory systems in non-living objects, or the systems that keep them “alive”, and how these systems can be improved, and especially how they can improve themselves.

The objects on show are interesting and may give you a taste of what she is working on.

Some of you may have experienced the wonderful noise making work on the wall already in 2016 at the Amsterdam Rijksakademie.

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Contents of all photographs courtesy to Evelina Rajca and Stroom, Den Haag

Bertus Pieters