Façades of The Hague #75

Koningin Julianaplein is the square in front of Centraal Station (Central Station).

The station (click here to see more of it) seems to be one of the most hated architectural sites in The Hague.

Once designed as a proud, modern landmark, with its sculpturally ribbed façade, to be seen from far, Central Station will be obscured by a postmodern, sprawling apartment block to be finished by 2021.

As such the square has been a mass for some years now.

These pictures show you the square being prepared for building and reconstruction in 2017.

At the moment the building seems to have begun as you can see in the last picture.

© Villa Next Door 2018

All pictures were taken in March 2017; last picture taken in October 2018

Bertus Pieters

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